Multi-State CCW Group Class (LAX area)

Multi-State CCW Group Class (LAX area)

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(Taught in person only)

LAX Area, CA









Our Multi-State CCW Class is approximately 4 hours. The class is inclusive of the curriculum mandated by the Utah Department of Public Safety (BCI). The State of Utah requires that any non-resident CCW applicant receive their mandated training, provided by an Utah State Certified Instructor. VIP CCW Services instructors are certified by the state of Utah. They are also NRA Certified Handgun Instructors and CA POST Law Enforcement Handgun Instructors. The premise of all our courses is handgun safety and responsible firearm ownership. This class is taught in person only.

Students learn the fundamentals of firearm safety and laws as they pertain to having a CCW Permit. As a California resident you are able to apply for numerous Non-Resident CCW Permits. Upon completion of the class you will have met the pre-requisite training requirements for the following states' permits: Arizona, Utah, Florida (requires separate live fire component), Oregon and Virginia. This class does not include California.

Class topics include but are NOT limited to:

  • CCW Permit application procedure.
  • Firearm safety, responsible firearm ownership.
  • Safe storage, handling, transportation and maintenance of a firearm.
  • Different ammunition types: hollow point vs. full metal jacket.
  • Responsibilities associated with possessing and carrying a firearm.
  • De-escalation techniques and threat assessment.
  • Holster types and selection.
  • Federal Firearms laws.
  • Utah State firearms laws.
  • Non-Resident CCW recognition and reciprocity. 
  • Traveling with firearms.
  • How to safely, respectfully, and courteously handle a law enforcement encounter such as being pulled over.

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Military/Law Enforcement/First Responder Discount of $25 is applicable to this class (Inclusive of but not limited to: LA County Probation, LA County Parole, LA City Fire Department, LA County Fire Department, Emergency Medical Technicians). Please enter first responder or military in the discount code section at checkout.