Private CCW Class Request

For those individuals or groups with a busy schedule, needing discretion, or who cannot attend a group class, ALL of our classes can be taught one on one or in a private group:
Concierge, small group class: This is not an "open to the public" class. This is a small group class, with a very limited amount of students. Discretion can be accommodated.
Private, ONE on ONE class: This is set up at dates and times that work for the student.
Our concierge-level approach means we can work around your schedule.
When applicable, class can be taught at a private range.
Portions of class can be conducted in person or both Zoom (Orange County/Kern County) and in person at the student's discretion.
Please reach out in advance with unique confidentiality concerns if applicable.
We offer our private classes 7 days a week.
Please contact us for rates and more information.

CA CCW Permit Training
Multi State CCW Permit Training
Private Handgun Instruction