Collection: Multi-State CCW Classes

How Does it Work?

Upon completion of our Multi State CCW Class we issue you a certificate of completion. The certificate certifies you have completed our Multi-State CCW class. The certificate will have your instructors NRA Instructor number and State Instructor Certification Seal. Send the certificate along with your completed application to the state(s) you are applying to obtain a CCW in. Upon receipt of your permit(s), depending on what permits you applied for and received, you can legally carry in up to 70% of the US. (Utah requires their application be stamped with the instructors state seal and signed by the certified instructor. If you want to apply for Utah’s non-resident CCW Permit, we do this for you at the end of class).

3 products
  • Multi-State CCW Group Class (LAX area)
  • Multi-State CCW Group Class (Upland, CA)
  • Multi State CCW Permit - Private Class