San Diego County CCW Permit - Initial Permit Group Class

San Diego County CCW Permit - Initial Permit Group Class

VIP CCW Services is authorized by the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department to teach the firearms training requirement for their CCW license.

Our class San Diego CCW Permit Renewal class is 16 hours as per requirements set forth by SB2.

Our San Diego CCW Permit classes are all by appointment and are taught in small groups or one on one.

It consists of an in-person lecture, written test, instructional videos, practical training and a range qualification. 

The entire class is taught in person. 

Range Qualifications will be competed at The Gun Range San Diego or FT3 unless alternative arrangements are made in advance.

Our training course is taught as per requirements set forth by SB2 and in compliance with PC 26165. Upon completion you will have satisfied the training requirement for your CCW permit issued by the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department.

In this class you will learn topics including but not limited to:

  • California laws regarding the possession of a firearm in public as per SB2.
  • California laws regarding the safe storage of a firearm within a residence and in public
  • California laws regarding the permissible use of a firearm
  • Criminal and Civil liability laws regarding firearms
  • Safe Handling of firearms including assembly, disassembly, cleaning and reassembly.
  • Firearm safety, responsible firearm ownership.
  • Safe storage, handling, transportation and maintenance of a firearm.
  • Different ammunition types: hollow point vs. full metal jacket.
  • Responsibilities associated with possessing and carrying a firearm.
  • De-escalation techniques and threat assessment.
  • Holster types and selection.
  • Federal Firearms laws.
  • Traveling with firearms.
  • Mental Health
  • How to safely, respectfully, and courteously handle a law enforcement encounter such as being pulled over.

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