Los Angeles County CCW Permit Class - Group Class (Online/In-Person)

Lecture portion via Zoom / Qualification scheduled at a time convenient for you.




$275.00 per person


3h 15min

VIP CCW Services is authorized by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to teach the firearms training requirement for their CCW license.

Our class is approximately 9 hours long. We utilize several ranges throughout California. This CCW Permit class is taught in person and via Zoom. At the end of the Zoom class schedule you for your in-person range qualification.

We teach this class most everyday. We can accommodate your schedule!

Our training course is taught in compliance with PC 26165. Upon completion you will have satisfied the training requirement in order to receive your Los Angeles County CCW Permit, issued by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

In this class you will learn topics including but not limited to:

  • California laws regarding the possession of a firearm in public

  • California laws regarding the safe storage of a firearm within a residence and in public

  • California laws regarding the permissible use of a firearm

  • Criminal and Civil liability laws regarding firearms

  • Safe Handling of firearms including assembly, disassembly, cleaning and reassembly

*All student firearms will be inspected to ensure they are mechanically sound

Are you a First Responder? Thank you for your service. Take advantage of a $25 discount on this class. 
Military/Law Enforcement/First Responder Discount of $25 is applicable to this class (Inclusive of but not limited to: LA County Probation, LA County Parole, LA City Fire Department, LA County Fire Department, Emergency Medical Technicians). Please enter First Responder in the discount code section at checkout.